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Exactech, Inc.

Exactech, Inc.

Exactech is a reputed manufacturer of innovative orthopedic implants, instruments and technologies for joint replacement.

2320 NW 66th Court, Gainesville, Florida 32653 USA

+1-3523771140 www.exac.com

Adler Ortho

Adler Ortho

Adler Ortho is an Italian company specialized in design, production and marketing of joint prostheses and other orthopaedic surgical devices.

Via dell’Innovazione 9 20032 Cormano (MI) Italia

+39-026154371 info@adlerortho.com www.adlerortho.com



ITS. offers implant technologies designed to produce improved fracture repair outcomes, efficient operative experiences and cost effective solutions for patient care.

3378, Hello Building Complex, Guru Nanak Marg, Ambala, Haryana - 133001, India

+43-0316211210 office@its-implant.com www.its-implant.com

OSSIS Limited

OSSIS Limited

Combining world-class engineering technology and clinical experience, we’re delivering the future of orthopaedic implant design. Our custom implants are ordered as needed ...

7/2 Barry Hogan Place, Riccarton, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand

+64-033657369 info@ossis.com www.ossis.com

Quick Implants NZ Limited

Quick Implants NZ Limited

Our implants costs half of the titanium implants and exhibit similar quality but promise better results and strong healing. You can match implant density with patient's bone density ...

30 Carrington Avenue, Hillcrest, Hamilton, 3216, New Zealand

+64-274933844 contact@qimplants.com www.qimplants.com

Elos Medtech

Elos Medtech

Elos Medtech has extensive expertise in the development of dental and orthopedic implant products. Our offering includes spine implants, screws, plates, hooks, connectors etc.

Torsgatan 5B, SE-411 04 GÖTEBORG, SWEDEN

+46-101712000 info@elosmedtech.com www.elosmedtech.com

Mahe Medical

Mahe Medical

Mahe Medical is a factory direct supplier of low cost precision orthopedic internal fixation supplies. We provide affordable orthopedic medical supplies purchasing opportunities ...

3821 Beech St. - Laramie, WY 82070, USA

+1-3039094510 www.mahemedical.com

Corin Group

Corin Group

We offer a unique combination of clinically-proven hip, knee, ankle and shoulder solutions and world-leading technologies that enable patients, surgeons and healthcare providers to connect ...

3378, Hello Building Complex, Guru Nanak Marg, Ambala, Haryana - 133001, India

+44-01285659866 info@coringroup.com www.coringroup.com

Aston Medical

Aston Medical

We are designers, manufacturers and distributors of orthopedic prostheses. Our expertise is in offering orthopedic solutions for the knee, the hip and the upper limb.

ZI de Montreynaud, 19 rue Victor Grignard, 42000 Saint–Etienne, France

+33-0477930004 contact@aston-sem.com www.aston-sem.com



Group FH ORTHO offers a full range of orthopaedic implants: hip, knee, shoulder, cruciate ligament repair, forefoot, hindfoot and spine.

3 rue de la Forêt, F 68990 HEIMSBRUNN, France

+33-389819092 info@fhortho.com www.fhortho.com

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External Fixators: A Comprehensive Guide to Orthopedic External Fixation Systems

External fixators are crucial medical devices used in orthopedics to stabilize and immobilize fractures, correct deformities, and promote the healing of bone and soft tissue injuries. These devices play a vital role in the field of orthopedic surgery, allowing physicians to provide effective treatment for a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of external fixators, including their types, components, applications, advantages, and top manufacturers in the industry.

Types of External Fixators
External fixators come in several types, each designed to address specific clinical requirements. The main categories of external fixators include:

Unilateral External Fixators: These fixators are used to stabilize and immobilize fractures on one side of a bone. They are often employed in cases where a single bone needs stabilization.

Circular External Fixators: Circular fixators consist of rings connected by wires or pins. They are highly versatile and can be applied to a variety of bone fractures. Ilizarov and Taylor Spatial Frames (TSF) are popular examples of circular fixators.

Hybrid External Fixators: Hybrid fixators combine elements of both unilateral and circular fixators, allowing for greater flexibility in fracture management. They are used when a combination of approaches is necessary.

Bilateral External Fixators: These fixators are used to stabilize fractures on both sides of a bone, providing a high degree of stability. They are commonly used for complex fractures and deformity correction.

Components of External Fixators
External fixation systems typically consist of the following components:

Rings or Clamps: These are attached to the bone or soft tissue and serve as anchor points for the fixation pins or wires.

Pins/Wires: These are inserted into the bone or soft tissue through the rings or clamps to provide stability and alignment.

Connecting Rods: Connecting rods link the rings or clamps, maintaining the desired distance between them and providing stability to the overall system.

Adjustable Joints: Some external fixators include adjustable joints that allow for fine-tuning the position of the bone segments.

Applications of External Fixators
External fixators are used in a wide range of orthopedic applications, including:

Fracture Management: External fixators are employed to stabilize fractures, particularly in cases of open fractures or when traditional casting is not feasible.

Bone Lengthening: The Ilizarov method, a type of circular external fixator, is used for bone lengthening procedures to treat conditions like limb length discrepancy.

Deformity Correction: External fixators are valuable tools for correcting bone deformities, such as limb angular deformities or bone malunions.

Joint Stabilization: In cases of severe joint instability or dislocations, external fixators can be used to provide temporary or definitive stability.

Soft Tissue Management: External fixators can also be employed to manage soft tissue injuries by providing stable immobilization.

Advantages of External Fixators
External fixation systems offer several advantages in orthopedic treatment:

Versatility: They can be customized for various clinical scenarios, making them suitable for a wide range of conditions.

Immediate Stability: External fixators provide immediate stability, reducing the risk of further injury.

Adjustability: Many external fixators allow for adjustments during the healing process, ensuring optimal alignment.

Minimal Soft Tissue Disruption: Compared to internal fixation methods like plates and screws, external fixators cause less damage to soft tissues.

Infection Management: External fixators facilitate wound care and infection management, particularly in open fractures.

Top Manufacturers of External Fixators
Several reputable manufacturers produce high-quality external fixators for orthopedic use. Some of the top manufacturers include:

Stryker: Stryker is a renowned global medical technology company that offers a range of external fixation systems known for their precision and reliability.

Smith & Nephew: Smith & Nephew is a leading medical technology company known for its innovative external fixation solutions.

DePuy Synthes (a Johnson & Johnson company): DePuy Synthes manufactures a variety of orthopedic devices, including external fixators, trusted by orthopedic surgeons worldwide.

Orthofix: Orthofix specializes in external fixation systems and offers a comprehensive range of products for fracture management and deformity correction.

Biomet (Zimmer Biomet): Zimmer Biomet is a global leader in musculoskeletal healthcare and provides a wide array of external fixation options.

External fixators are indispensable tools in the field of orthopedics, offering versatility and stability in the management of fractures, deformities, and other musculoskeletal conditions. Understanding the types, components, applications, and advantages of external fixators is crucial for orthopedic surgeons and healthcare professionals. Additionally, choosing reliable manufacturers is essential to ensure the quality and effectiveness of these devices in patient care.

As with any medical device, it is imperative to stay updated on the latest advancements and guidelines in the use of external fixators to provide the best possible care to patients with orthopedic injuries and conditions.

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